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Lip liner:

The reason why we use the lip pencil first, though, is it helps define the lips. Depending on what kind of shape you want to create with them, you're going to need to use your lip pencil for it. Also, it will help the lipstick stay on for longer. Deciding on what coloured lipsticks you want to stock is a personal preference and really depends on what sort of clients you have coming to you. If you're doing a lot of bridal makeup then a nude colored lipstick is probably one of the more popular ones.

Money saving makeup tips:

A great way to cut down on costs when you're getting started is rather than going out and spending a lot of money on a huge variety of lipsticks, you can actually use a clear lip gloss and mix in some loose dust pigments/eye shadow to create just about any lip shade you can imagine!

Skin Prep:

When it comes to skin preparation, the very first and most important step that you need to do is to wash the client's face with a pH-neutral face wash. One of the best products that you can use for this is a pH Neutral water based cleanser such as Cetaphil. Cetaphil is a great face wash, it's a great all-rounder and a must have in your kit.

Primer Vs Moisturiser...

Next is a primer or a moisturizer. And here's another insider secret, a lot of people make the mistake of using a primer and then continuing with their usual skin-care routine and use a moisturizer…….Don’t make this mistake! Only use one or the other. If you use a primer and then you use a moisturizer on top of it, you've got too many layers of product on the skin, and by the time you put the foundation on, you'll find that the product will just slide off and will only last for an hour or so before it starts to go blotchy.

Eye Prepping:

When preparing the eyes is to make sure foundation or concealer is always applied to the eyelids. The eyelids have a slight blue or red undertone to them and if they are not prepped properly this means the colour of your eyeshadow won’t show through as much.

Foundation or concealer first?

A common question asked is whether to apply concealer before or after foundation.....I always recommend concealing after applying foundation...why? Because the foundation will cover 50% of imperfections which means less product will be needed when it comes to concealing.

Makeup Courses

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